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Posted: Friday, October 29, 2004

(The presidential) elections will be among the closest and most controversial elections in the United States' recent history. In a way, they will be a plebiscite on President George. W. Bush, who was chosen to lead his country not by the ballots but by the Supreme Court magistrates.

Analysts believe this fact would have forced him move to the political center. But ... on September 11, 2001, criminals of the al-Qaida network unleashed the most violent terrorist attack on the US. Bush declared war on terrorism. ...

He toppled Saddam Hussein, but his troops got caught in a scenario he cannot get out of. Worse, one by one, all his reasons for the military operation collapsed. Saddam Hussein did not have WMD and did not represent an imminent threat for the US or for Iraq's neighbors.

His opponent Sen. John Kerry ... tries to appear a moderate and also as a reliable guardian of security for Americans. If elected, his actions will be quite compromised by the environment established by Bush. But his criticism of unilateralism makes him a less traumatic and more promising choice for the evolution of international relations.

Folha de Sao Paulo, (Brazil) - Oct. 24

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