Shareholder objects to Native corp. ad spending

Posted: Friday, October 29, 2010

Alaskans Standing Together is a political organization formed by the ANCSA regional corporations to give $1.2 million of our shareholders' money to Lisa Murkowski's election ads. Last week it was reported the amount donated was $805,000, which amounted to about $140,000 for each corporation. The new amount probably increases the amount donated to around $200,000 for each regional corporation.

My family of six shareholders doesn't believe CIRI should be donating our money to any candidates. If the corporation wants to donate to a candidate use your own money -- not ours. The corporate managers have been paid millions and millions of dollars each in the last few years. Shareholders need to stand up and demand transparency, accountability, fair elections and protections and participation given to non-Vative shareholders and citizens. We don't even have ownership rights of our stock 39 years after the passage of ANCSA, nor do we have any protections under federal security laws, The state does not enforce the corporate code for us, and the Dept. of Interior has no oversight of Indian laws because our corporations were created under state law.

Virginia Rude, Eagle River

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