Twin Cities Raceway Giveaway

Posted: Friday, October 29, 2010

It is time for the residents of Tompson Park, Valhala Heights and Beaver Loop to voice their concerns regarding the racetrack's use.

The Kenai Peninsula Borough will be bringing forward Ordinance 2010-36, which will sell this borough property at a below market value price to the local Racing Lions. The grand sum of $1 will exchange hands. That's just over 140 acres for a buck, better than the 2 cents per acre we paid the Russians.

I wouldn't want to place a stumbling block in the path of this sale, but I have I have concerns with the noise levels. The level is dramatic and traumatic, at times, not only from the raceway itself, but also from all avenues of approach as they race down the roads and rights-of-way to get there and back home. Increased noise levels from the larger 4-stroke ATV's running straight pipes sound like the roar of a stock car.

I don't think it is reasonable to ask us local residents to put up with these tremendous noise levels beyond 8 p.m. You should be able to sit on your deck and visit without shouting over the noise. If this ordinance goes as planned will we loose any local City of Kenai input concerning hours of operation. Just two years ago these motocross bandits were out until midnight every night. Then you could hear them roar past on the way home.

So, if you think a buck won't buy much nowadays, here is your proof that old dollar is pretty sound. I just hope it won't bring back a sound that wasn't so pretty.

Dennis Barnard, Kenai

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