Knowles had his chance

Posted: Monday, October 30, 2006

In recent days I have heard a very interesting new complaint against Sarah Palin, that she is using support for our troops as a political maneuver, and that Tony Knowles is the true patriot because he served in the Vietnam War. Well I suppose Sarah isn’t old enough to have been in that war but she is not alone in supporting our military men and women, every politician in our state should proclaim such support, good for her!

As to who I will vote for, no question, it will be Sarah Palin, Tony has already had 8 years to prove what he can do.

Remember he never was able to bring about a compromise on the subsistence issue, and decisions made by Knowles led directly to the problems with the state funding of the PERS/TRS retirement system, by cutting the state contribution to the system from 100% to 70% before he left office in 2002, and as of the recent interview with KTUU he stated that he still does not agree that the state contribution should be raised.

Tony allowed the big oil companies that we are currently in negotiations with to slack on their responsibilities, failing to enforce BP’s requirement to clean and protect their feeder pipelines. In 2002 after they were given a “compliance order to run cleaning devices known as pigs through it’s transit lines”, apparently the Knowles administration allowed BP to skip the requirements by rescinding a part of the order three months after it was issued. Tony also allowed EXON to slide and not pay their court mandated settlement.

All of the above show Tony Knowles to be short sighted and unable to negotiate and stick to his guns in matters of administration. He has already shown that he will sway under pressure from oil companies, after being in a position for 8 years as Governor to negotiate a gas pipeline contract and to collect money EXON owes Alaska, and never successfully addressing any of these issues.

Sarah Palin knows how to get things done! With her vision , far sightedness, and administrative skill, Sarah transformed Wasilla from a small dusty bump on the Parks highway into a well funded, progressive city, while at the same time cutting taxes and crime.

I want to see Sarah clean up our State government and get the gas contract that will benefit all Alaskans. We need gas here in state to generate electricity, industry, and jobs before it goes to Chicago!

April Moore

Trapper Creek

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