Whatever happened to 'one person, one vote'?

Posted: Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"Attorney" Dolifka said he had been disenfranchised by the assembly's decision not to seat the candidates Sprague, Fischer and Superman, effectively denying him his constitutional right to vote, to have his vote counted.

Well Dolifka, I voted for term limits and voted to unseat Superman in my district and would have voted against Fischer and Sprague if I could have been allowed.

Mr. Dolifka, if you can't figure out that if you and your attorneys overturn the assembly's decision to unseat "the big three" then what you are saying is that I, Dale McGahan, wouldn't be disenfranchised by you and the judge, that my vote to unseat Superman is unconstitutional and denying me to have my vote count.

Where's my constitutional guarantee of "one person, one vote"?

If "the big three" had a back bone in their body, this wouldn't have to end up in court.

That's why term limits passed. We the voters wanted to get rid of their kind.

Dale McGahan


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