Of 'corpse' it's fun

Haunted house a combination of old and new

Posted: Tuesday, October 30, 2007

There are whispers, suggestions and suspicions where the Triumvirate Theater in the Peninsula Center Mall now stands. There used to be a sanitorium and the ghosts of those that died there walk the halls two nights a year, or so the story goes.

Is there truth to this rumor? Is the paranormal activity is real? Only those who pass through the theater's haunted house tonight and Wednesday night can say for certain if they live to tell the tale.

"It should be a good one this year," said Joe Rizzo, instructor for the Nikiski High School Drama/Debate Team, which annually builds and staffs the haunted house as a fundraiser.

"It's the most fun fundraiser we do. There's no pulling teeth with this one. The kids are only required to work one night, but most of them will work two," he said.

As to what frightening features will be included this year, Rizzo said there will be a blend of some old some might even say ancient creatures from years past, a few new phantasms, too.

"There will be all kinds of stuff. There will be a return of the mummy, and a few other things from last year, but we have a musical coming up in December called 'The Last Vanishing Act' which is about a magician pushed out by the latest technology, so we may borrow a few ticks from that such as people levitating and being cut in half," he said.

Rizzo said this year's specter spectacular won't just be better, it also will be larger.

"It gets bigger and bigger each year, but this year is kind of cool because we don't have a production going on, so we have more room and more time to set up," he said.

This year's attraction also will be bigger because it will be two different attractions.

"In the past it's been too scary for the little ones, so this year will be doing one for the smaller kids that's more mild, and one for people who really want to be scared," Rizzo said.

The fright nights are today and Wednesday from 6 to 8 p.m. Admission is $3. The Triumvirate is not responsible for anyone who goes in and never comes out again, Rizzo said.

For more information about the haunted house, call 953-7262.

Joseph Robertia can be reached at joseph.robertia@peninsulaclarion.com.

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