Saturday, October 30, 2010

Patriotism -- What is it?
As a person whose earliest memories are of the 2nd World War, I have more a sense of patriotism than a definition of it. At that time it was the Land of the Brave and the Home of the Free. Later it was Woody Guthrie's "This Land is My Land." I truly believe this. I believe that the voters speak for us.

Vote for Prop B
Proposition B will be voted on statewide and, if it passes, eleven new building projects will begin in Alaska. The Kenai River Campus would gain a dorm building and a Career and Technical Center. These additions would accommodate rural Alaskans and the growing need for space at KRC.

Voting with crib notes
Way back in the dark ages when I first voted, some people, like myself would write a note with information they could not remember and put it in their pockets when they voted; still do. I totally disagree with the state elections people passing out sheets of paper with the names of the candidates on them. It should be illegal, If you can't read, and can't spell, be smart and you won't have to ask for a hint.

Shareholder objects to Native corp. ad spending
Alaskans Standing Together is a political organization formed by the ANCSA regional corporations to give $1.2 million of our shareholders' money to Lisa Murkowski's election ads. Last week it was reported the amount donated was $805,000, which amounted to about $140,000 for each corporation. The new amount probably increases the amount donated to around $200,000 for each regional corporation.

Twin Cities Raceway Giveaway
It is time for the residents of Tompson Park, Valhala Heights and Beaver Loop to voice their concerns regarding the racetrack's use.

A solution to the mortgage mess
A Thursday, Oct. 21 news story indicates that the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac "bail out," instead of being $120 billion dollars, is now expected to be $259 billion dollars. The Obama administration cannot blame Bush for getting the numbers wrong as it was the Obama administration that came up with the $120 billion in the first place. Obama should fire the number crunchers that missed the totals by a mere $130 billion dollars.

Chenault: I work hard for Alaska
There are days when Nikiski's Mike Chenault has to wonder to himself why he keeps going back down to Juneau every winter to represent District 34.

Zone change: Soldotna City Council protects commercial zoning district
Soldotna City Council passed an ordinance changing zoning code to protect its commercial zoning district along the Sterling Highway at its meeting Wednesday night.

Public sounds off: State officials take heat over Kasilof proposal
State officials received an emotional response that at times reflected prevailing anti-expansion sentiments of government to their proposal to designate the lower Kasilof River as a special use area as soon as this winter.

Southwell: I am something new
Ray Southwell, of Nikiski, has a challenge in his run as the Alaska Independence Party candidate for House Seat 34; he wants to convince people he's different from all of the other candidates running this season.

Have a happy -- and safe -- Halloween
Goblins, ghouls and ghosts will be out and about this weekend -- along with plenty of kids and adults looking for an enjoyable Halloween weekend. Let's make sure all the scares are in good fun, and that everyone who ventures out makes it home safely.

High flying hunt: 'Hawkers' continue ancient tradition
His goshawk rested on a padded stump laying on his porch. Gary Penner brushed his fingers up the bird's chest. The hawk's head twitched side to side like a ticking clock.

An Outdoor View: A king-size controversy
A proposal to close sections of the Kenai River to king salmon fishing in alternating years is sure to inspire some spirited discussion at the Board of Fisheries meeting early next year.

Perils of Polly: 'Giddyup' not necessarily in the vocabulary
Editor's note: Polly Crawford was a reporter and associate editor of The Peninsula Clarion from 1985-1988, when she wrote "Perils of Polly." She also wrote a series of "Peril" columns in 1998 about her Australian adventures. Although she is now a teacher at Soldotna Middle School, the perils continue as she just returned from an around-the-world journey that started in Russia and ended in Tibet.

Refuge Notebook: Great health advice from the experts: Go take a hike
While watching ABC News Thursday evening (from my cushy recliner) I was intrigued by the story titled "Stand Up." After the news program I quickly forgot about the story until sitting behind my desk at work entering caribou telemetry data. I began having some back pain the past two months and sitting all day was aggravating the strain. I remembered the news story about how sitting for more than 6 hours a day can affect how long you live. Sitting could be deadly. I immediately got up from my desk, grabbed my sweatshirt and decided to take a walk on the trails here at the refuge headquarters. Even the short (1.9-mile) Centennial Trail was enough to get my heart rate and breathing elevated and made my senses more aware of my surroundings. Getting back to my desk I was more focused and more productive at finishing the data entry.

Around the Peninsula

Holiday bazaar planned

Voices of Religion: Leavin' on a Jet Plane: Preparation allows us to enjoy the trip
This phrase from John Denver's famous song came to mind as I addressing the (major) issue of packing for a recent trip. How can I get everything into two small suitcases, plus one rather stuffed briefcase? "He's making a list and checking it twice" isn't about Santa Claus this time. It's about Chuck, as he packs for travel to a foreign country (Africa, no less).

Church Briefs

Fifth Sunday worship planned

Bears to face high-scoring Ice Dogs
The Kenai River Brown Bears have scored just six goals in their last three games.

Swimmers ready for regions: Kodiak looks to sweep team championships at its home pool
In the parlance of these election times, the girls team contest at the Region III swimming and diving championships should be a landslide. The boys race? Still too close to call.

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