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Posted: Tuesday, October 31, 2000

Troopers using cell phones while driving sets bad example for others

The cell phone has been determined to be the newest danger on the road today. The inattentiveness it causes makes it more dangerous than an open bottle in the hands of a driver. In fact, cell phone accidents now outnumber the number of drunk driver accidents nationwide.

Most of the aforementioned information was collected by the state police throughout the United States, including our own Alaska State Troopers.

Now, on Wednesday afternoon, while returning from the Kenai Airport to Soldotna, I had just slowed my truck down to 35 from 45. This speed change area is just as you leave the business district (if you could call it that) of Soldotna, and the first vehicle that zipped by me still traveling at 45 was a state trooper, license plate number 182 AST. The trooper was yacking away on a cell phone.

I see drivers all the time yacking away while they drive, and it bothers me as I have nearly been hit in my truck and on my morning jog, courtesy of a cell phone. But I was astounded to see this trooper with a cell phone stuck to his face. That is what I call leading by example. I half expected to see an open can of Budweiser in his partner's hand.

Mike Woltering


'Yes' vote on Ballot Measure 1 will keep Alaska safe from extremists

If Ballot Measure 1 is defeated on Nov. 7, I'm going to collect enough signatures at the Anchorage airport to place two initiatives on the ballot in the next general election.

The first initiative will be to eliminate wildlife photography because I believe it steals an animal's spirit and soul.

The second initiative will allow professional wildlife biologists to perform reconstructive brain surgery on the numerous victims that were lobotomized by the animal rights activists behind the "No on One" campaign.

Both of these initiatives have an excellent chance of passing with enough money thrown at the media, enough lies about the real agenda and by concentrating the efforts in the Anchorage area.

Please vote "yes" on Ballot Measure 1 to keep all animal extremists from forcing their beliefs and agendas on the people and wildlife of this state.

Keith Phillips


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