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Posted: Thursday, October 31, 2002

Ulmer best person to encourage business, appropriately regulate

According to the recent polls, Fran Ulmer and Frank Murkowski are running neck and neck. Please vote on Nov. 5 because every vote counts in this governor's race. We have a chance to hire the best person for the job.

I want a governor who will work for the benefit of all Alaskans, encourage business, and appropriately limit the power of corporations. Which candidate can do the best?

The Knowles-Ulmer administration has encouraged development and has also regulated business in a reasonable way. They fined cruise ships who illegally dumped sewage and cleaned up toxic spills such as the dry cleaning fluid in the Kenai River which threatened salmon runs.

As legislative liaison for Gov. Jay Hammond, mayor of Juneau, state legislator, and lieutenant governor, Fran has excelled in local and state government processes. She is committed to better education, medical care for poor children and the public good.

Frank Murkowski is a banker. One bank failed because of decisions made while he was CEO. As a senator, he regularly voted for bills to help big business. In the mid-90s, he voted against many bills to regulate corporations. For example, he voted against protecting small investors from fraud (SV 284 6/26/95). Also, he voted for a bill to protect corporate officers who profit from false statements (SV294 6/28/95). Therefore, he contributed to the current corporate fraud problems in America. He would be a good candidate for a corporate lobbyist -- but not for governor.

I hope you'll join me in voting for Fran Ulmer on Nov. 5.

Amy Bollenbach


Resident fears for Alaskans' safety under Ulmer administration

Dear Fran Ulmer,

I am writing this letter out of fear. I have always told my children not to let fear run their lives, so I will manage my fears and get up every morning and go out on the roads of the Kenai Peninsula, knowing that they are not being maintained to even the minimum safety standards. Driving over 20 miles to work each morning because I know people in my community depend on me being at my job no matter the weather. Driving into Anchorage every two weeks for physical therapy so that I can manage the pain caused by past car accident injuries.

My growing fear is that if you are elected governor, nothing will change, and there has to be change for the safety of our children and ourselves.

Different employees of the administration have said it isn't true that the state waits until someone gets killed before they repair or change the manner in which the administration has chosen to conduct business. An employee in Risk Management in Juneau said that all they had to say was that they were working on the problem for the state to avoid being liable.

With the attitude of the administration showing total disdain for the majority of Alaska citizens, I worry that if you are elected governor, you will not change this attitude. You have stated that as lieutenant governor that you have not always agreed with Gov. Tony Knowles, but have chosen not to make an issue of the situation. We need a governor who is not only going to stand up for what is right but also has the backbone to stand up and change the way Alaska is managed. When a new employee of the Department of Transportation in Juneau can state that he likes working "where there is an unlimited cash flow," there is no reason our roads can't be plowed in a timely manner.

Audrey Johnson


Vote for Fran is vote for taxes; vote for Frank is for prosperity

Murkowski is definitely the better candidate for governor of Alaska. He has a definite plan for getting our state moving again by doing things that will encourage development of all our natural resources; whereas, the only plan his opponent has is to raise taxes. Look at the facts:

The national environmental groups, which raise lots of money from all over the country from those who want to keep Alaska from developing our natural resources, have poured lots of money into the campaign of Fran Ulmer. Why? It is because they know that whatever she says to get elected, she is not for resource development.

The only real duty the lieutenant governor of Alaska has is to get out the campaign material before the election. Because Lt. Gov. Ulmer's department sent much of the campaign material to the wrong address, our state will have to pay $95,000 for the mistake of her department. Think of all the things our state could do with this money!

Unlike Ulmer, Sen. Frank Murkowski has a plan to make our state prosperous once more by developing our resources; however, to do this, we need more roads and railroads. It was the federal government that built most of the roads and railroads in the Lower 48. It is only right that the federal government do the same for Alaska.

Frank Murkowski can make this happen because he has very valuable contacts in the Senate. Next year, Sen. Ted Stevens will have more seniority than anyone else in the Senate. Further, do not forget the position of Rep. Don Young on the Transportation Committee.

In an editorial written by Sen. Ted Stevens in the Anchorage Daily News (Oct. 25, 2002), Sen. Stevens said that he and Rep. Don Young working together can make things happen, but to do so they need a strong state administration that will back up important resource development issues.

The choice is clear. Vote for Ulmer for more taxes or for Murkowski for more prosperity with resource development.

Esther Rhines


Voters should choose candidates who will 'walk their talk'

Some people vote "across the board" within their party, or for candidates favored by their friends or family members.

In the past, I too have gone to the polls not knowing enough to make well-informed decisions. But this year, I've done my homework. As a service to our community and our state, I'm voting for the leaders who walk their talk.

Fran Ulmer, Tom Wagoner and Hal Smalley are getting my vote Nov. 5. If you know the facts, you'll vote for them, too.

Ann Marina


Children recognize candidates who care

Last Thursday our neighbor brought her 7-year-old son over to our house to tell us something. On his way home from school, after passing our Fran Ulmer/Ernie Hall sign, he said to his mother, "You know, Mom, Fran Ulmer cares more about kids than she does about roads, and she cares about people, and she cares about schools, and she answers questions."

This came as a surprise to our neighbor because they don't discuss politics at their house. It didn't surprise me. As a retired teacher, I know that 7 year olds can recognize and appreciate a caring person.

Trish Roderick


Alaskans should not give up right to elect U.S. senator

Please vote. Decide right now that you will not miss any more opportunities to vote. It is crucial that you vote on Nov. 5 or by fax or absentee ballot any time before Nov. 5. Protect your rights.

One very important basic premise our government is founded on is that we have the right to elect our representatives to Congress.

Your constitutional right to choose your representative to the U.S. Senate will be lost should Frank Murkowski become governor.

Our Republican-led state Legislature has recently changed our state laws to specifically enable Frank Murkowski, if elected, to designate who should represent you in the U.S. Senate.

Under no circumstances should any of us fall for this charade. We should never, ever voluntarily vote to give up our right to elect our representatives to Congress.

The Republican Party and Frank Murkowski have no regard for your rights, and by their actions, show no regard for our greater interests. Go to the polls and refuse to cede your rights.

Paul Zimmerman


Bonds would pay for Murkowski projects

Frank Murkowski presented a much-needed plan for construction of transportation projects to aid social and economic growth in Alaska.

People rightfully ask how to pay for construction of such road, rail and ferry projects. There is no need for alarm. As a practical matter, not much money is required for government funded capital projects. State and local governments consistently fund public works projects through issuance of tax-free bonds.

The state of Alaska places construction bond issues on the ballot in nearly every election. In fact, there is a school construction and maintenance bond issue in the amount of $237 million on the November ballot that Frank Murkowski supports.

Tax-free bonds are presently in the 4 percent range, with maturity in 25 to 40 years for projects such as those in the Murkowski plan.

To fund a $100 million capital construction cost at 4 percent costs $4 million per year. In other words, the money required for construction is in reality "rented," just as when a home is purchased by an individual through a mortgage. The yearly interest is offset by inflation, by economic benefits from the improvement and by usage fees such as at Red Dog. Tax-free bond financing of construction projects has been used for many years and provides a vehicle to build a richer society and economy at little actual cost.

Bill Noll


Former mayor of Seward

Ward will win by landslide because of his integrity

Ron Johnson and his nameless committee for Honest Government opposed to Anchorage Senator Jerry Ward are a joke. First and foremost, Sen. Jerry Ward has been elected by and serving the citizens of the Kenai Peninsula for more than five years. That fact never gets mentioned in the sleazy ads. I suspect his committee gives small donations to take advantage of the "exception" allowed by state regulations because they are ashamed of being named in such a sleazy, ugly, derogatory and downright dirty campaign.

Ron Johnson's cheerleaders seem to be missing from the media. I am proud to say that "Mr. Ward's local cheerleaders" are alive and well and continue to find it easy to cheer for our honest senator who has earned our trust and respect. So far, I have seen two negative letters regarding Sen. Ward. Mr. Bounds seems to have a personal vendetta against Ward as his

letter is full of oxymoron's and makes little sense. Then, we have Mr. Gough who seems to think we are stupid enough to confuse a lifelong Alaska resident who has served as senator for more than five years to carpetbagger Hillary Clinton, new resident of the state of New York. That makes us Republicans "hypocrites"? I suggest Mr. Gough should be wearing the hypocrite shoes. They seem to fit.

I think our community is very fortunate that Sen. Jerry Ward made the decision to move his family to Nikiski in order to continue his representation of us. That certainly shows his heart is with us. No, I have not seen the senator in a local grocery store, but I did see him at a very important town meeting in support of the new veterans outpatient facility in Kenai. I did not see any of you there. Perhaps you were too busy working on your sleazy ads which are obviously more important to you than local veterans who need local services.

You demand that Sen. Ward sign your release of criminal file? Give me a break. Your arrogance is laughable! Sen. Jerry Ward's obligations are to the citizens he represents and he has an outstanding public record.

If this election is about character and integrity, Sen. Jerry Ward will win by a landslide! I fully expect to read in the Clarion on Nov. 6 how "staggered" you and your nameless committee are by Senator Ward's victory.

Go, Jerry, go!

Susan Davies

Proud political contributor


Wagoner should focus on issues, not Ward's trailer

I was born and raised in Alaska, moved away for college and recently came back to Alaska to live close to my family. Growing up in Alaska, I have seen many different structures that people call home. However, it didn't matter the size or material that it was made of, only their determination and desire to make this area their home.

I have been disgruntled at the negative campaigning from Tom Wagoner considering Jerry Ward's "trailer" in Nikiski. Mr. Wagoner has not discussed the issues that will impact this area or the state of Alaska, which he wants to represent. His only issue has been residency, and where Sen. Ward "really" lives.

It is not unusual for citizens in Alaska to have multiple homes and property in and out of the state. Mr. Wagoner himself owns property in Desert Hot Springs, Calif. Why is his residency not in question? One could say that California wants a senator in Alaska.

Diane Bagley


Republican Moderate candidates are not Republicans

The Republican Moderate Party was created to oppose traditional Republican platforms.

Republicans are pro-life. We oppose aborting babies.

Republicans are pro-development. We want our resources used wisely.

Republicans are pro-development. We work to see new jobs created.

Republicans are pro-family. We support legislation to strengthen families.

Republicans are against bestiality, homosexuality and other social deviations.

Republicans are against big government and taxes. We strive to reduce government spending and avoid taxation, so that families can spend their own hard-earned dollars.

Republicans are pro-gun. We pledge to protect your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Republicans are pro-freedom and will fight to protect freedom in America.

The Republican Moderate Party was created to fight against the Republican agenda. Republican Moderate Party information reads that the party was formed "to create a new home for those unwilling to stay in a party that has been taken over by people from the Religious Right who are determined to take away many of our individual freedoms."

One must ask, what freedoms are they talking about? The Republican Moderate Party's printed information also criticizes Republicans for spending time drafting the Republican Party platform against bestiality and homosexuality. Bestiality -- that's sex with animals!

So don't be fooled. Republican Moderate candidates are in no way Republicans! Any Republican Moderate candidate on the ballot is against everything I stand for as a Republican.

Please vote Republican in the upcoming election.

Debbie Holle


Candidate needs to speak about issues of importance

I have lived on the Kenai Peninsula for more than 30 years. I have read and listened to the articles, ads and radio spots by both candidates for the new Senate Seat Q and I am beginning to feel that Tom Wagoner has no other issues to run on except that Jerry Ward and his family are currently living in a trailer.

When my family moved to the peninsula, we lived in a "trailer." We lived there because it was affordable and available at the time while we looked for other property. How many other families started out in trailers or choose to live in one now?

I resent the implication that we are somehow not permanent residents and not interested in our community or too self-serving to understand the real issues facing our community and state of Alaska. How a candidate stands on education, resource development, jobs, taxation, veterans issues, the fiscal gap and state spending are the more important considerations that will determine where I cast my vote.

I know where Jerry Ward stands on these issues and he has a proven six-year track record representing the peninsula to back it up. So far, the only thing I know about Tom Wagoner is that he does not like Jerry Ward's current address. We are down to the last week of the campaign and we are running out of opportunities to hear Tom's stand on the issues that will make a difference to the peninsula.

Pam Lashley


Muckrakers do dirty work; voters clean House, Senate

According to The Web (Webster, that is), "muckrake" means to search out and expose misconduct of prominent individuals. History is peppered with helpful muckrakers like Ida Tarbell, who, in 1904, exposed Standard Oil's corruption. Politicians then broke up the Standard monopoly.

Closer to home, muckrakers made manifest the deception of John Lindauer, who repeatedly lied about campaign financing.

Muckrakers have established that Jerry Ward was charged with a narcotics crime, arrested and jailed. And Ward pleaded guilty to firearms misconduct after putting a cocked pistol to the head of his newspaper boy's nephew. And Ward used bankruptcy protection combined with transferring assets to family members to avoid paying bills he owed. And Ward used ethnic descriptions as a means to his own ends. And Ward won the primary in 1984, but then dropped out of the race without explanation. And Ward doesn't live in the district in question (District Q). And Ward was a leader in promoting a private prison in Kenai, a thing which wasted state money.

Ward supporters have been quick to defend him, listing some of his better qualities: he writes letters to children, has a long marriage and wonderful family, helps the poor and served in Vietnam.

While in office Ward helped commercial fishers so they (according to one school of thought) should support him without question.

It isn't happening with one commercial fisher. Me.

Brent Johnson

Clam Gulch

Ward returns calls; voters know where he stands

I am going to continue to support and vote for Jerry Ward. He has worked hard for us. He returns my calls and I know where he stands on issues that are important to me. No if, ands, or buts about it, Jerry Ward just tells it like it is. Thanks for the opportunity to express my views. Another satisfied voter.

Linda Becker


What's wrong with living in trailer?

I urge all the people on the Kenai Peninsula who live in a trailer to vote for Jerry Ward. Let's see ... that should be well over half of all the people. There's nothing wrong with living in a trailer; my family and I do and we will happily vote for Jerry Ward.

Glenn Palmer


Ward's honesty, hard work appreciated

I would like to thank Jerry Ward for keeping positive and talking about issues that impact all of us -- like jobs and education during this campaign. It's so easy to find fault with anyone -- we are all imperfect. I support Jerry Ward because he knows we are all "a work in progress." I appreciate Jerry Ward's honesty and the hard work he has done for us on the peninsula. He has my support again.

Janet Clucas

Clam Gulch

Attack campaigning not welcome on peninsula

I am totally disappointed in this Ron Johnson and Tom Wagoner character. How childish to attack Jerry Ward because of the size of his home. I am embarrassed for Tom Wagoner and Ron Johnson because of their sad and disappointing remarks and characterizations. They are only trying to hurt people because they know full well their tactics are soundly rejected here on the peninsula. I would hope people, full grown men nonetheless, would be more mature.

Good luck to Jerry Ward. Keep up the great job you do for us and thanks for staying positive.

Doug Blossom

Clam Gulch

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