Promoting peace one way to help defeat hunger around the world

Students help fight hunger

Posted: Friday, October 31, 2003

Editor's Note: Students in the sixth through 12th grade in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District were invited to participate in an essay contest to raise community awareness of hunger. The contest, sponsored by the Kenai Peninsula Food Bank, was held in conjunction with World Food Day on Oct. 16. Winning essays will be published today and Monday.

In order to help eradicate world hunger, we need to start right at home. Hunger is a prominent issue in our community, and donating time and energy toward our community food organization will be effective to this issue. It builds understanding and helps others that are in sometimes desperate situations.

By recognizing hunger in our communities, we will become sensitive to the plight of those in hunger situations around the world. We will be compelled to spread additional surplus food around to the poorer countries that are needy. This can increase good will between nations.

The Kenai Peninsula Food Bank is a great place to tackle world hunger.

Taking just one hour out of one's week to volunteer can make a huge difference to our community. The tasks our simple. One can help unpack donated foodstuffs to help serve at the soup kitchens. Along with volunteer time, one can also donate food and money.

A small monthly donation of money is painless to the donor, but is valuable to the food bank. With this money, the food bank can contribute to larger organizations, such as the food bank in Anchorage. Your money and donations can help other people in our great state.

Unfortunately, hunger in other nations is rampant. Famine due to war is a very prominent cause of world hunger. When an army destroys food sources, they not only destroy their enemy, but innocent civilians as well. Destroying food sources has long-lasting effects because once the conflicts have been resolved, people cannot readily gain back what they lost.

Promoting peace is one way we can fight famine. Understanding other views and supporting governments that promote peace help people be productive.

The United States and other wealthy nations produce an abundance of food that is not consumed. When this surplus of food is given away to starving nations, we not only solve the hunger issue, but also promote peace. The countries that are starving are the ones that lack this opportunity. The United States and other nations can help by sending our extra food to those countries.

You can join today to beat hunger in our community. Arrange to donate an hour to your local food bank or food resource center. This action can help promote peace. When any person has a surplus of food or time, they can donate it to another person who is needy. Here at home, you can donate to the food bank, and they will help your gift go out to the world.

Synneva Hagen-Lillevik is in the 11th grade at Kenai Central High School.

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