The “Tie Guy” is gone... Long live “Suspenderman!”

Posted: Tuesday, October 31, 2006


  Out with ties and up with the suspenders as the Tie Guy becomes Suspenderman! Alias mild mannered Soldotna Postal Clerk Steve Adams.

Out with ties and up with the suspenders as the Tie Guy becomes Suspenderman! Alias mild mannered Soldotna Postal Clerk Steve Adams.

U.S. Postal Clerk Steve Adams has been fondly known as the “Tie Guy” at the Soldotna Post Office for nearly a decade. During that time he collected more than 300 some ties from postal patrons who would bring him colorful ties from all over the world. Rather than drapes in his home Adams had tie racks that acted as curtains which displayed his ties from which he would make his daily selection. It all started back in the mid-nineties when Steve bought a few colorful ties that the Postal Service was selling to promote a series of Looney tune cartoon stamps and Adams started wearing them to work. “The customers really seemed to like them so I continued to wear these ties and started purchasing other fun, colorful, gaudy type ties for myself and wore them to work and it snow balled from there. The first tie that was given to me by a customer was of Big Bird from the Sesame Street TV show. The collection continued to grow to the tune of one or two a month from customers and tourists who would see wild ties on vacation and buy them for me to wear,” said Adams.

Then in May of 2005 Adams was told by postal officials that he was not wearing the approved postal uniform and would have to wear the regulation postal tie. Adams complied but customers began to miss the colorful array of ties and even Soldotna Mayor Carey wrote a letter in support of Steve’s unique uniform. “Even a year and a half since I’ve been wearing the regulation tie, not a day goes by at least half a dozen folks don’t ask about my former ties,” says Adams. Alas, the public support which was picked up by national media and almost got Adams an interview on the ABC Jimmy Live show was not strong enough to grant Adams an exception to the postal uniform regulations.

Last week Adams threw in the Tie Guy towel, “In my opinion I have gone as far as I can with this issue barring a private audience with the Post Master General himself,” but all is not lost and Adams has found a suspender loop hole as an alternative, “I did a little research and found there really was no uniform regulation that specifically applied to suspenders, so I thought here was a way I could keep my individuality and let people know I haven’t become a bureaucratic robot and it’ll allow me to continue the fun I had when wearing the ties,” said Adams.

Now as “Suspenderman” Adams says he has already received several colorful pairs from his former Tie Guy customers and the new trend seems to gaining popularity. “My biggest problem is figuring out a way to display them in my home so when I get up in the morning I can grab a pair and not duplicate them all the time, but I’ll figure out a way of stringing suspenders from the ceiling as the collection grows,” added Adams.

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