Reader: Don't waste money on global warming

Posted: Wednesday, October 31, 2007

May I humbly suggest that the borough allocate zero dollars for any studies, conferences, etc., pertaining to global warming. The reason being that, even if there is global warming that will affect the peninsula say, next week, what good will it do to talk about it and study it? It's sort of like studying and trying to change the natural outcome of a normal pregnancy taken to term.

When the smoke and pollution of purely speculative rhetoric have cleared from this alleged global warming crisis, we will discover that a whole lot of money will have been needlessly spent, a whole lot of words will have been said and written, but that Mother Nature will have prevailed.

Are we, as human beings, so arrogant that we believe we can influence the atmosphere of a planet (which is wobbling as it rotates) that is simply being exposed to a slightly different angle from the sun each year?

Let's use our limited borough resources for the real crisis issues such as paying the future glacier-sized legal bills caused by political greenhouse gases.

Bill Gronvold


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