Time for change

Posted: Friday, October 31, 2008

The general election is coming Nov. 4, and time to make some big decisions regarding our local representation in the state House and Senate. Over the past 10 years we have been represented by people who have run under the Republican ticket as conservatives, and they have been elected by a majority of the people even though our state budget has continued to grow in leaps and bounds.

Fast forward to six years ago and we had Frank Murkowski elected as governor, a full majority in the House and Senate of Republicans. And to quote the former Speaker of the House, the stars are aligned and we are going to get things done. But what happened? We have had a bunch of Republican legislators indicted for taking bribes from VECO, went to trial, found guilty and now are in federal prison. Is this what we wanted over six years ago?

Let us look at the Kenai Peninsula, we have seen and witnessed the destruction of the industrial base here on the Kenai Peninsula and also the residual effects of all the suppliers that served this industry by closing their doors to. Just with Agrium alone, a loss of over 300 great paying jobs. Look at the effects of this, no good paying jobs for our people that they can raise a family on, no future for your children or your grandchildren because there are no jobs, but that is unless you feel that big box stores with no benefits and part-time work is great.

Take a trip going from Sterling head south take a right on the Kenai Spur Highway and head toward Nikiski, look on both sides of the road as you drive and see the empty buildings, broken glass windows, buildings falling apart. Is this what we want on the Kenai Peninsula? Look at the campaign ads by the incumbents, telling you what a great job they have done, jobs and the economy, public safety.

Unemployment is up on the peninsula, and regarding public safety, because of not being competitive with wage and benefit programs we are short of state troopers. What we need is leaders that will look ahead to the future and act, not wait for the jobs to leave and then try to do something.

Just a few weeks ago, the voters of the Kenai Peninsula voted for change in the borough mayors race by giving Dave Carey a supersize victory over the incumbent borough mayor. Let us now continue with this trend and vote for change for all the state House races and the state Senate race.

But, most importantly, just get out and vote.

Pat Hawkins


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