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Posted: Thursday, November 01, 2001

Why accept personal responsibility when you can blame someone?

While the article of Oct. 23 on the Tolerance Commission had some excellent points, it was mostly a treatise on the current political correctness rave of victimology that the liberals worship. Why accept personal responsibility when you can blame someone else?

To put equal blame for skipping school on the school district and the community, while giving the responsible parties (parents and the kids) an out, helps to foster victimology. Raising the children you brought into this world is your job, not mine.

As for bullying, I mostly agree with the school district's position; however, we have a habit of developing programs to solve all the problems and they end up solving little while requiring another well-paid bureaucrat to run them. Suspending elementary kids for drawing a picture of GI Joe or pointing fingers and going "bang" only shows we as a society are losing touch with reality.

Learning to think for and defend yourself (intellectually and, if necessary, physically) is a part of life and kids need to learn how to cope and deal with it. Providing all the solutions only makes people reliant upon those who have all the magic solutions. Being chased home almost every day in the third grade taught me several things -- one of which was to run faster than Danny Smelzer.

I'm still trying to ascertain what stair steps (that meet code), glare off vinyl floors, shower edges (how do you propose to keep the water controlled?) and birthday cards have to do with discrimination or lack of tolerance. Looks to me if it's a physical thing, it needs to be addressed by the feared Americans Disability Act mafia.

I must admit I sent one of those hurtful, hateful and intolerant cards to my sister who turned 60. I'm wondering if she also will be arrested because she found it funny.

I also saw several "facts" that had no references, which means they are nothing but self-serving opinions generated by someone's personal agenda. In my opinion, to say indifference is the worst kind of discrimination is without merit and one of the most ludicrous statements I've ever read.

It will be great when the thought police and liberal element finally finish their lists and pass their agendas. We can then all think the same, have multiple group hugs, earn the same and all be happy. We can call it communism.

To those of you who disapprove of the fact I'm not buying the drivel the article is trying to sell, I can only say "Frankly, Scarlet, ..."

Ron Gravenhorst

Cooper Landing

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