Best way to show support for troops is by voting

Posted: Monday, November 01, 2004

Whether you used the Peninsula Clarion's numbers or the numbers from Mr. Tremblay's letter, either result is embarrassing. Twenty-five to 40 percent isn't a good number; the only really good number would be 100 percent.

Whether it be informed or uninformed, everyone needs to vote. Lately, I have heard that the uninformed shouldn't vote. This is one of the craziest things that I have ever heard. Why are you informed, because you watch one of any biased television stations or see the commercials or read a reporter's viewpoint? That doesn't make you informed. In fact, if anything, it makes you more ignorant of the real politics of the situation than anything else. It is everyone's responsability to vote; in fact, it should be the law that you have to vote.

Maybe if the only way you could receive government services or, for example, the permanent fund dividend here in Alaska was for you to go out and vote, then I can almost guarantee that we would get 100 percent participation.

I have been seeing yellow ribbons supporting our troops on a lot of vehicles in the area. Well, these soldiers are dying for your right to vote, which apparently less than 60 percent of you take seriously. Instead of taking the time to buy a ribbon and put it on your vehicle, go to the ballot box and really show your support for what our soldiers do on a daily basis.

Robert Nave


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