Election coverage shows bias

Posted: Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A comment on Hal Spence’s piece covering Wednesday’s (Oct. 25) debate between the gubernatorial candidates is warranted. It is often easy to see Mr. Spence’s bias in his reporting, but never more so than in this particular case. To read his coverage would give one the impression that Sarah Palin said little or nothing throughout the entire event. I did not attend the debate myself, but have spoken to two people who did; both indicated Ms. Palin had plenty to say.

It is particularly telling that neither Mr. Knowles, nor Mr. Halcro, would discuss potential appointments in their cabinet, while Ms. Palin provided the names of people she was considering. However, this wasn’t even mentioned in the coverage. Such an omission strikes me as telling, since a governor’s appointments frequently have more impact on the affairs of our state than the governor himself.

This has been an interesting — to say the least — race to watch. It would seem the media has decided who we should vote for, and are unabashed in pushing their decision upon us. The established, “good ol’ boy” network is worried that a truly independent candidate (read that as someone who owes no political debts), might get into the mansion in Juneau. One need look no further than the Alaska Republican party, the “business” and the oil industry rats scurrying to another ship — one they wouldn’t support just a couple years ago when Mr. Knowles ran for U.S. senator. Yup: politics makes for interesting bed partners.

All of you that profess to be sick of “the status quo,” and claim all candidates are the same actually have a chance to vote for someone who is truly honest and politically debt-free, that someone would be Sarah Palin.

A.E. Poynor


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