‘Yes’ on Prop. 2 in public’s best interest

Posted: Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ballot measure 2 does what the legislature and governor have been unwilling to do for 30 years. It sends the oil companies a bill for not producing our natural gas reserves.

The oil companies have no plan to build a gas line before 2016 or later. They have been telling us this in their multi-million dollar ad campaign. If the oil companies were going to build a gas line in the near future, this tax would not have any impact on their business. It is because they do not plan to build a gas line that they are very much in opposition to this tax.

It should be a crime that our elected officials are telling us that passing this tax will mean a loss of gas line jobs and revenue from the sale of our gas. The governor’s commissioner of labor is even encouraging people to get trained now for pipe line jobs that they know will not be available for at least 10 years. These people might be doing a good service for the oil companies, but they are failing to protect and defend the public’s best interest. Shame on them and the oil companies they represent. Proudly vote Yes on 2 and stand tall Alaskans. Show the oil companies that unlike our government officials; your vote is not for sale!

Joann Odd


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