Voters should get say in annexation

Posted: Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The City of Homer, Alaska has plans to annex 26 square miles of land surrounding Homer. So far, the Alaska State Superior Court has unfairly approved a 4.5 square mile area favoring such annexation

If further appeals are denied the 4.5 square miles will become a permanent part of the new city limits. The remaining 21.5 square miles will also be subject to annexation via the process of public rebuttal, which afterwards, instead of being voted on, will ultimately be decided between the attorneys and a superior court judge in Anchorage.

Deceitfully, the voters are being denied a right to vote on the issue since only they have the right to make such a determination!

Here is an excellent example of ‘government corruption at work’ and why citizens should be wary and outraged against the parties involved! State statutes read, i.e., ‘only those people living within an area being proposed for annexation have the right to vote for or against annexation’. Instead of respecting this simple directive, city officials and others conspired to circumvent it through deceitful manipulations and stalling strategies, thus forcing those people not wanting annexation to hire attorneys so their case can be presented in court, (none of which was necessary to begin with).

Eventually, property owners tire of arguing against the evils of trickery and red tape and surrender to whatever city official’s desire. The whole matter is dishonest and psychologically destructive, as people have experienced elsewhere across America.

This kind of ‘forced annexation’ can spread like cancer unless fair-minded citizens help us put an end to it permanently! We all need trustworthy officials at every level of government.

Please help us retain our ‘right to vote’ by stopping the rascals in local and state governments working against us. We can win this battle honestly.

Gary J. Peterson


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