Big oil ‘coaching’ anti-Prop 2 sentiment

Posted: Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A bit of insight on the push to negate Prop 2:

An undertaking at Harvard concerning the effect of social pressure upon perceptual judgments. When asked to correctly match the length of a line with that of one of three lines presented, participants made the “wrong” choice less than 1 percent of the time. However, in a group where the majority was coached beforehand to unanimously choose the “wrong” line the decision of the unknowing participants was measurably affected.

Under group pressure minority subjects agreed with the majority’s “wrong” judgments 36.8 percent of the time even when the length of the two allegedly equal lines differed by as much as seven inches. In our indoctrinated western structure of thinking, we have found the tendency to conform in our society so strong, that reasonable intelligence and well-meaning can be compromised. The notion of short changing Alaskans and value added industries out of their fair share is obscene. With the coaching of big oil to the diverse social structure of Alaska, this seams so unfair. Prop 2 is valid, we have recourse, and Alaska first.

Ron Dolchok Sr.


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