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Posted: Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Although I’ve spoken out against the current Republicans for making such a mess out of my dad’s party, what they do doesn’t really affect me as much as some people. Being that I’m in my 50s, I don’t have to worry about fighting their wars (yet, anyway). I just feel it’s my responsibility to speak out against warmongering.

Being from the Vietnam era, I did it then (along with a lot of other people) and we do it now. We’ve always done it — no matter who the administration is. Wrong is wrong. Jesus never condoned violence in his name, so this war can’t be divine like they claim.

If the majority of Americans are satisfied with our current path and keep the Republicans in power, I will honor it (that’s democracy) but I’ll never support what’s going on. If they’re not, the only way we can legally (so far) get rid of the craziness is to “vote” them out of office.

This is our chance. If we miss it this time, it’ll be years before we can correct our mistake. Our current governor has pledged to do whatever he can to elect another frazzled Republican conservative to govern Alaska. After the spectacle they both put on during the primary debates? Sounds like partisanship to me.

And Don Young seems awfully cozy in the seat that he’s held forever (without getting much done for Alaska, especially ANWR). He feels so secure in his spot that he thinks he doesn’t even need to have debates any more. It’s quite evident that he plans to make this chair his lifetime job. Is this a good thing?

I think the worst disservice is how the public has been forced to think about political things all the time. I miss the times when politicians did their jobs without us having to look over their shoulders (and shout at the TV) all the time. They’re like star-struck children who just can’t seem to pry themselves out of the limelight and go to work. It’s got people on edge everywhere and has reached a fever’s pitch with this administration. It seems like they’ve turned against the people and are trying to revert back to a monarchy.

It gives Rove and the gang great pleasure to say “cut and run”, but as usual we could expect to see the smoke from their heels first during an actual attack. People like the ones they’re now calling cowards (like Murtha and Kerry) would have to take over and do the actual fighting again.

So if you’re a Democrat who’s been blubbering about the way things are, or a Republican who sees the current gang as rubber stamps for Bush, it’s time to act.

My voice won’t make a lot of difference. Don’t forget we’ve just recently seen that what they used to call “saber rattling” from North Korea, has now turned into atomic bomb rattling. Are we really getting safer? Vote Democrat.

Neil Robinson


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