Reader: More power to the voters!

Posted: Thursday, November 01, 2007

Voters in the borough should take exception to the editorials in this paper and the recent letter to the editor for putting the blame on them for voting in term limits and their favorite candidate concurrently.

These voters should be commended for their service to the community by being involved in elections. There are many voters that were not involved in the recent elections because the issues were so confusing.

As an example, a friend of mine voted for whom he thought was the most qualified of the candidates (who was a long-term incumbent), but also voted his conscience by voting for term limits (which he favored). His reasoning was that his candidate may win and term limits lose. What would be the sense in voting for a different candidate if term limits didn't pass? Were there other voters who thought the same? Evidently, since their candidates won seats that were no longer valid due to the passage of term limits.

Calling the voters irresponsible or ignorant of the issues is shameful. They responded to the ineptness of those presenting the proposals and election who didn't plan for the consequences of the outcome.

I'm proud of those who voted and tried to figure out how to plan for the future, even with the confusing proposals that self-interest groups manage to get on a ballot. More power to you voters! Do what you think is right.

It seems that the assembly will do what they want in spite of the proposal just passed in any case. As evidenced after the last term limit proposal that passed and was overturned by the assembly, it looks as if this one will suffer a similar fate.

It's too bad we don't listen more to those voters who "brought this on themselves."

Michael McKinley


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