Monday, November 1, 2010

Give elected officials a salary adjustment
Concerning the November ballot, salaries are: Congress $174,000 a year, state judges $165,996 - $179,520 a year and state legislator's $24,012. Legislators also get a per diem of $161, but most must rent a pad in Juneau. Alaska's per capita income is $42,603 and that figure for the U.S. is $39,138.

Any politician can make promises
Joe Miller is a Republican version of Barack Obama. Now that I have your attention, hear me out.

The power lies in our votes
On Nov. 2 we will be going to the polls to vote. So far, all we have seen is that both major parties are against this and that. Each of the major parties is so concerned about making the other look bad, and touting their hold-the-line party stance, that they have lost track of who they represent, or we should say, who they should be representing. All of the media have been pointing out the displeasure of the voters -- but no one is listening. Where is it written that a vote for the people against the party line is bad? We the voters need to stand up, rebel, be counted, and make elected officials accountable for their actions, or inactions.

Scholarship event a success
The 16th annual Thelma McConnell Scholarship Dinner and Auction held Oct. 9 was a wonderful event! Many thanks to the following volunteers and workers who assisted: Nikiski Fire Department, Eli Ward, Sawyer Skiba, Sebastian Strickland, Tyler Pink, Angie Parrish, Ari Bennett, Kayoeen Hanson, Jayden Tumbaga, Tammy Bardahl, Jackie Cason, Bradie Anderson, Georgie Heaverley, Jordan Wik, Cheyenne Evans, Jaysane Hagstrom, Dee Power, Oliver Kiech, Carol Leeper, Dorey Harman, Jenne Long, Lisa Greenleaf, Susan Allen, Amy Harrison, Dale Crouch, Jeanine Russell, Leigh Hagstrom-Sanger, LoRetta Cook and our wonderful Chef Kelly Strauch.

Seeking new blood for the House
Our Founding Fathers, in their wisdom, stated that the taxes needed to fund the operations of government must be based on the ability to pay.

Traffic light likes red too much
The traffic light at the intersection of K Beach Road and Bridge Access could use a little help. That light stays red for much too long for anyone attempting to make a left turn onto K Beach and travel toward Soldotna.

Photo feature: Spooky setup
Kimber and Gale Glidden put the finishing touches to their home's annual Halloween decorations Saturday evening. Their South Gill Street home will be ready for today's trick or treaters.

Hanging onto Hope? Land auction could produce undesired result
The community might be called Hope for good reason.

Voters facing election fatigue
Residents of the Central Kenai Peninsula seem to be getting what could be described as "election fatigue."

Photo: Season's greetings
A quartet of jack-o-lanterns greet trick-or-treaters at the home of Tom and Pam Burg in Kenai Sunday. Pumpkin carving is a family activity for the Burgs as their kids, Eric and Amanda, as well as Amanda's boyfriend, all help out.

Fake pot not yet major problem on the Kenai
On a drizzly October afternoon, a man in his 50s walked into the small Tobacco Express and Accessories store wearing square glasses, a black baseball cap and dark jeans. He works in the oil industry and wanted something to help him unwind on a day off.

AIDEA's board approves package of business financings
Alaska Industrial Development an Export Authority's board approved the issue of tax-exempt bonds Oct. 20 for two businesses in Fairbanks and one in Wasilla under a special federal Recovery Zone Facility bond program.

Steve Yagashoff
Kenai resident, Mr. Steve Yagashoff died Monday, Oct. 25, 2010 at his home in Kenai. He was 57.

Time to settle this ...
We observe with some sense of irony that two of the scariest days of the year are separated by just a single day this year -- Halloween and Election Day.



Around the Peninsula

Come buy pie!

Fall fun
I really enjoy this time of year because of all of the great sports on TV such as football, baseball, basketball and anything thing else that it takes real balls to play.

Around the Peninsula

Come buy pie!

Exercise lowers blood pressure in kids, adults
More and more kids are being diagnosed with what was once thought to be an almost exclusively adult malady: high blood pressure. These children join the large contingent of American adults -- estimated to be 25 percent of the population -- who also have high blood pressure. New research shows that exercise lowers blood pressure in children as effectively as it does in adults.

Olson: Difficult votes proved to be right votes
The current general election cycle has been truly unique. Whether Gubernatorial, Congressional, or Alaska House and Senate, the negativism and misrepresentations have been profound. The volume of political mail has set new records as have the singing political TV spots. Only Election Day will stop these ads, since all of these activities are protected as free speech.

Chenault: Smaller, smarter government
It has been an honor to serve the people of District 34 as Representative for the last 10 years and as House Speaker to all Alaskans for the past 2 years.

Waisanen: Consensus-building skills important
I would be honored to represent the people of District 33 (Kenai, Soldotna & Kalifornsky Beach) as your Representative.

Southwell: Stand up for state's interests
I have been a Registered Nurse for 35 years. I have learned to recognize subtle changes in my patients before a catastrophic health condition occurs. That is one example of what nurses do.

Around Campus: KPC Annual Career Day good place to find new start
In the current economic climate, identifying the right career path has never been more important. With technology increasing and the global economy expanding, finding an occupation and career that will continue to flourish and be in high demand into the future is vital. The annual Career Day at KPC's Kenai River Campus will be held from 8:45-11:30 a.m. on Friday. The event is specifically designed to provide attendees with a wide range of potential career directions.

Photo: Nurses show support

Around the District

School board to meet

Heaven breaks 4 region records in 1 meet
It turns out Winter Heaven's performance at the Region III Swimming and Diving Championships was even better than first reported.

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