Sterling residents having hard time locating water supplies

Posted: Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Is there a public water supply in the Sterling area? Now that the parks and RV facilities have closed for the winter, people who depend on hauling water are scrambling for a place to get it. I know of at least five families in the Sterling area who are hauling water for all household use.

There used to be a spring across the highway from the Sterling Baptist Church, but when the highway was widened there several years ago, access to the spring was cut off (I don't know if the spring is even still there). All of the logical places where we would ask if we can get water are struck off the list because of the benzene. Neighbors are helpful, but as the weather gets colder, they will need to winterize their outdoor water faucets and those won't be available either.

We can't afford to buy bottled water all winter it will take every extra penny to keep up with elevated heating costs this winter. So where can we go for water?

Carol Matthews


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