How to make your own Wax Bench

Posted: Friday, November 03, 2000

1. Materials:

8 feet of knot-free 2-by-6.

Two C-clamps.

4-inch carriage bolt, wing nut and washer.

scraps of 3/8- or 1/2-inch plywood.

2. Cut the 2-by-6 to length of your longest ski.

3. Trace outline of ski on 2-by-6. If you own two skis or will be waxing for friends and family, split the difference.

4. Cut on the tracing using a band saw or a saber saw.

5. Mark the front and back of your binding and cut out a notch so the top of the ski fits flat on the wax bench.

6. Drill a hole in front of the binding notch and attach two plywood pieces with a carriage bolt, wing nut and washer. These are to clamp the ski to the wax bench. Clamping too tight can damage the ski. Be sure plywood pieces do not potrude over base of ski.

7. Attach 4-by-6 strips of plywood at the front and back. Use plywood strips to clamp wax bench to work bench, sawhorses, or, with

permission, the kitchen table.

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