Salvation: The other permanent fund

Posted: Friday, November 03, 2000

What did you do with your Alaska Permanent Fund dividend?

How many times were you asked, or did you ask this question in the last few weeks? The first week of October has come and gone and sadly, so has the largest percent of Alaska's permanent fund dividend check.

Some airlines advertise, "So many tickets for your dividend." Car dealers say, "make a down payment for your PFD." Some even spent theirs a year ago with, "Buy now and pay later, no interest or payments for 12 months." Perhaps you left it in the bank, saving for a rainy day.

Whatever your choice, it was exciting to receive and plan what to do with the check. What did you do with your permanent fund dividend?

There is another permanent fund that has been set aside for everyone who has ever lived. Jesus Christ the Son of God left us the ultimate permanent fund. It is called salvation, through the shedding of his blood.

An unlimited supply has been deposited into an account for every person. All we need to do is seek him and find that the supply has been deposited for your account and it is sufficient to meet all your needs.

What have you done with this permanent fund? Have you squandered the opportunity to draw from this account? Perhaps you have left it in the "bank," waiting for another time to draw from it. Perhaps you think you are not a good enough citizen to earn this wonderful gift.

Jesus said, "Come draw from the well, this permanent supply of living water, and you will never thirst again."

Not earned by works, lest any one of us should boast, but it is a free gift from God. Ephesians 2:8

Yes, this is a permanent (lasting indefinitely, eternally existent) fund. A source put aside for a particular purpose. What will you do with your permanent fund? Will you accept his invitation for you by inviting him to come into your life permanently?

Pat Knowles attends the Birch Ridge Community Church, which meets at the Soldotna Senior Center on Sunday morning at 9:45 and Sunday evening at 7. Cameron Dockery is the pastor.

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