Voter remembers what Knowles has forgot

Posted: Friday, November 03, 2006

Originally I would paint Tony Knowles two terms in Juneau as eight gray, indistinctive years. In Anchorage his record cheese sales and naming as trail after himself are standouts. Knowles idea of “real balance” on the board of fish was appointing three Cook Inlet “pocketeers.” Knowles allowed the once vital public board of fish process to be altered without the customary public notice and comment period. In a recent debate in Kenai, Knowles spoke of “a squeaky clean administration.” Forget about appointees with substance problems or conflicts of interest or disclosure failures.

Apparently he did.

He has reminded and repeated of past Governor Bill Egan being re-elected after a hiatus. Knowles was not truthful or trustworthy whenever he spoke of “a balanced board of fish” or “biological management.” Knowles deferred to his “lightning rod” chairman, Dan Coffey, to make fishery allocations to his mentor, Bob Penney, who he later appointed to the North Pacific Management Council. They had halibut plans.

So the old toothless lion coughing up hair balls and leftover rhetoric from the task force era ... no longer plausible.

John McCombs


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