Reader: Vote for Alaska; vote for Halcro

Posted: Friday, November 03, 2006

To all people who believe in Alaska, I’d like to say to the voters of Alaska don’t be afraid to vote for the betterment of Alaska. Palin claims to be the “White knight” and take you down a golden path, and Knowles pledges to be an experienced “Old hand” and take you down the same golden path. Don’t vote against either one of them, don’t be afraid to vote for a leader, or choosing the underdog, that was all done in the primary when we threw Murkowski out. Now vote for Alaska again, vote for Halcro.

We Alaskans want a change. We want Young out, we want old politics out. Who is backing Palin? Stevens. Who is backing Knowles? Oil giants. Want something new? Then let’s keep the ball rolling. Let’s put good leadership, knowledge and brains in the governor’s seat. Be it Tony Palin or Sara Knowles (not a misprint) your getting the same thing — old blood.

Halcro shoots from the hip and is the most intelligent candidate we have had in years. His priorities are to work for Alaskans. Don’t be scared to vote remembering the past, vote for your future because Halcro is a part of both them. We have to make sure that we all don’t follow Palin or Knowles over a cliff like a bunch of sheep. After the election don’t be part of the Alaska group that says “I could of or should of or would of” voted for Halcro.

If you really want a different direction, don’t vote for parties, vote for who will lead us out of this boom and bust rut that Alaska is stuck in.

Vote for Andrew Halcro.

Brenda J. Jackinsky


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