Third time no charm for Knowles

Posted: Friday, November 03, 2006

Former Governor Knowles’ third times around campaign promises are as meaningless now as they were the first two times. His eight-year record as governor is the measuring stick on how he will govern not his rhetoric campaign promises. One of the main reasons Alaska became a state, as stated in Alaska’s Constitution, was to manage our own fish and game.

Former Governor Knowles took an oath to uphold the State Constitution twice. His oath was without substance. He intentionally did not appeal the Katie John case by the appeal deadline which resulted in giving away fish and game management on federal lands to the federal government. This also eliminated all future court actions on this issue.

Former Governor Knowles is once again promising to appoint people to the state Board of Fisheries and the North Pacific Council who will put the health of fish stocks first and won’t let politics interfere. He is even saying that he won’t appoint “lightning rods.” As governor he had many lightening rod appointments. He appointed Bob Penney, a strong Knowles supporter and contributor, to the North Pacific Council. This council oversees a billion dollar industry.

Penney is a vocal anti-commercial fishing advocate that has never let scientific data or biological management get in the way of his agenda to allocate away from commercial fishing. Penney’s appointment was a failure and embarrassment as an Alaska representative. Similar lightening rod appointments were made to the Board of Fish who took biological management out of the management plans especially in Cook Inlet. Remember all users being closed down on the Kenai River this year while a million sockeye over-escaped the river. This is the result of the Knowles appointed board of fish management plan. Never mind the resource, habitat and the thousands of jobs, businesses, young people, families and communities who Knowles claims to care about that are negatively affected.

Knowles justifies these unqualified appointments as “bringing real balance.” This is not balance! It is political payback at the expense of the resource, habitat and Alaskans who depend upon these resources.

Former Governor Knowles twice failed to govern by Alaska’s Constitution. Alaska needs a new direction with honesty and integrity to govern by Alaska’s Constitution. Sarah Palin is that direction.

David Martin

Clam Gulch

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