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Posted: Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Kenai Peninsula voters seemed most impassioned by the race for Alaska's U.S. Senate seat on Election Day 2010.

Many supported Joe Miller, but there was also backing for Democrat Scott McAdams and write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski. Gov. Sean Parnell seemed to be the clear choice for governor, amongst the people the Clarion spoke to Wednesday. Here's what some citizens had to say about Tuesday's elections:

"(Joe Miller's) crazy. That's good because they need to send somebody crazy in there to shake things up. If you really want change, that's what you've got to do."

-- Sheryl Nelson, Soldotna, textbook editor

"I take image into account. (Joe Miller's) rough look. Maybe that would appeal to some people, but I thought, you know, I'm sorry but you need to step it up. You need to wear a suit and tie and look like politicians are supposed to look or everybody is going to make fun of Alaska, and I'm tired of them making fun of Alaska."

-- Carolyn Woodmansee, Soldotna, Safeway employee

"We're going to see a different Republican. I think they are going to be wiser in terms of spending and wiser in the way that they are going to handle the budget. I think they are, dare I say, going to be a bit more liberal."

-- Lana Syverson, Soldotna, teacher

"I don't think (Lisa) Murkowski is a Republican."

-- Nick Bickish, Kenai, pastor

"It's been steady since we opened at 7. For a mid-year election this is probably heavier than usual."

-- Susan Smalley, Kenai

"(Lisa Murkowski) wasn't voted in and to come and work her way back in and the route she took kind of turned me off."

-- Tim Elder, Soldotna, school district theater manager

"I would like the momentum to keep going as it is so the president can be successful in the programs that he's started so we don't have to start over again."

-- Sabrina Johnson, Soldotna

"I see Lisa (Murkowski) more as a moderate. I usually vote Democratic, but in this particular case, (Scott McAdams) kind of emerged out of nowhere. I don't see, realistically, how he can win."

-- Gregory Weissenberg, Soldotna, teacher

"I wrote in Lisa Murkowski. I basically voted Republican all the way down."

-- Pat Evans, Kenai, cashier

"Nobody should vote for Joe Miller. He's against everybody except himself."

-- Jim Crain, Kenai, retired

"Basically, with the way the campaigning went, I'm just glad it's over."

-- Tim Baumerm, Kenai

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