Store comes with high price

Posted: Friday, November 04, 2005

My husband and I were very saddened to see that Kenai has decided to allow Wal-Mart to build a super center there. Our interest in the Kenai Peninsula is long term, as we have vacationed there for several years, own property in the borough and want to retire there.

At this time, we reside in an area that is living through the effects of Wal-Mart moving in and taking over. Several local businesses are now gone, as they couldn’t compete. New jobs were not created, just a shift of workers from the choked out businesses to a company that is well known for their less than desirable work practices.

Wal-Mart routinely hires workers at minimum wage with part-time hours offered (to avoid offering benefits). They have several lawsuits filed against them, including race and sex discrimination charges. They offer low prices, but at what cost?

Good neighbors who work hard, are put out of business because of cheap prices (and merchandise) offered by a mega-company that doesn’t care about anything but the bottom line.

Grocery stores, clothing shops, paint stores, notion and fabric shops, sporting goods stores — they will fall one by one.

I hope the good people of the Kenai Peninsula will think again about opening your arms to this company. The price may become higher than you can afford.

Renee Wolfe

Pueblo, Colo.

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