Will Wal-Mart turn Kenai into ghost town?

Posted: Friday, November 04, 2005

I just saw a picture of a man from Chicago with a sign, “No Wal-Mart.” I have heard on the news how Wal-Mart is no longer trying to build in the big cities, nor in California. The people are all against Wal-Mart. So now Wal-Mart is going to the little towns.

Do they think we are a bunch of hicks and don’t know what happens when they come into a town? A former manager said how the managers would place bets on how long it would take for the town to become a ghost town. All the little companies disappear and those poor people who lost their jobs now have to take a lower-paying job. This may mean that they will have to work two or three jobs to pay their mortgage or keep food on the table.

Yes, the merchandise will be cheaper, but so will the product. The only ones who benefit are the managers and the CEOs.

Our working people will have to work more hours for less pay and we will have more empty buildings in the city of Kenai. Does our mayor want to be known as the mayor when Kenai died?

Margaret Menting


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