What is an anarchist?

Posted: Thursday, November 04, 2010

In Alaska, it's not about the individual or what party they represent, it's about who is best to bring about economic prosperity through resource development; who is best positioned to develop opportunities for Alaskan families. Federal departments; Commerce, Interior and Agriculture command control over the majority of land and water in and around our state. Under Commerce: NOAA, National Marine Fisheries Service and the Economic Development Administration. Under Interior: BIA, BLM, BOEMRE, NPS, FWS, USGS, and the Office of Surface Mining. Under Agriculture: Forest Service. These agencies are vital to developing land and water; our raw resources for Alaskans.

One proclaims, no more Federal assistance in the affairs of our state, no more earmarks that direct the agencies to work to free up these known resources.

Anarchist: One who believes that all government should be abolished. Anarchy: A state of political or social confusion.

Your current U.S. Senator already holds Senate committee seats that have the power to make our lives better! Or you have a candidate whose plan is to disenfranchise Alaska from the rest of the country, to place the full financial burden of government on your back and your children's future. Remember, the federal government owns 60 percent of the land (all the navigable waters), the state 28 percent, Native lands about 9 percent, and private land ownership is less than 1 percent.

With declining oil production and limited assistance from your federal government, how long do you believe it will be before you are paying higher user fees, higher property tax and, yes, a state income tax? Joe Miller can just move back to Kansas, but the rest of us, I guess, will just have to pay the price.

Paul A. Shadura II


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