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Posted: Monday, November 05, 2001

Question: I am building my own house and will be bringing a lot of pipes and lumber home from the lumberyard in my pickup. How long can my load be before I will get a ticket?

Answer: 17 AAC 25.012(a) states that overhangs are permitted on vehicles, as long as they don't exceed three feet beyond the front of the vehicle or four feet beyond the rear of the vehicle.

The penalty for exceeding those limits is $20 per foot or any portion of a foot.

Also, if you exceed that length (or 8 1/2 feet in width), you are required under 3 AAC 35.120(b) to have an oversize permit issued by DOT. The penalty for not having one is a steep $200, in addition to the overlength charges mentioned above. You can obtain a permit by calling (800) 478-7636.

Finally, keep in mind that even if you are within size limitations, you still must properly confine your load to keep it from shifting or falling under A.S. 28.35.251, and if you don't, you face a $100 fine.

And 13 AAC 04.005(c) states you cannot load your truck so the load adversely affects your steering, braking or stability. That violation carries a $100 fine and 2 points on your license.

Good luck on your house, and be safe.

If you have questions you would like to ask a trooper, send them to Alaska State Troopers, 4060 Heath St., Homer, AK 99603 or e-mail them to The Alaska State Troopers remind you to always wear your seat belt. It's the law.

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