Not a fan of testing students for drugs

Posted: Friday, November 05, 2010

That the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District is considering a drug testing policy for student "athletes" is, in my opinion, discriminatory. There are many extra-curricular activities offered to students. If they are considering this policy it should be across the board. Whether you are a member of the school debate team, cheer squad, drum line, after-school construction class participant or any athletic team, etc., to "single out" the athletes is definitely discrimination.

Assistant Superintendent Dusek and the board should take a look at past incidences and see what percentage of those involve students who are consistently involved with the athletic programs and those students who are not. If the board feels its necessary to test our athletes then maybe it should also consider randomly testing everyone on the school district's payroll. The board wants our students cleared and accountable to be apart of an athletic team for school. Then I, as a parent, want that same accountability from those who are on the school district's payroll. Our athletes are already held at a higher standard than those who do not participate in sports. They must keep up and maintain good grades, attendance, attitudes and curfews (just to name a few). If not they are suspended and/or removed from the team.

The board does not yet have a cost estimate if this proposed policy does go into place. Whatever the cost may be, I'm sure there are much better ways to utilize those funds for all our students and schools.

Cindy Gray, Kenai

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