Avoiding Moose

Posted: Tuesday, November 06, 2001

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game recommends the following steps to avoid moose encounters:

--Never get between a cow and her calf.

--Don't walk toward a moose if you can avoid it; try to remain at least 50 feet away.

--If you see a moose lay its ears back or see the hair on its hump stand up, the moose is angry or afraid and may charge, so back off.

--Never throw anything, including snowballs, at moose.

--Carry a flashlight or wear headlamp so you can spot moose in the dark.

--If you know a moose is in your neighborhood, kids should probably avoid walking on long paths through the woods where it is dark.

--Always keep your dogs under control or leave them at home. Dogs can unnecessarily harass moose and may be seriously injured, killed or lead the moose back to you.

--Avoid moose that are near fences or houses; they may feel cornered and charge you.

--Remember, moose kick with their front feet.

--Do not feed moose -- it's illegal and can be dangerous for both you and the moose.

--If you have to get by a moose that is near your house or car, try to keep a large tree, snow berm, vehicle, building or fence between you and the moose.

--If a moose chases you, run away and try to get behind or under something solid, such as a tree or vehicle.

--If a moose knocks you down and starts stomping, curl up in a ball, protect your head with your hands and hold still. Don't move until the moose is gone.

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