Hunters aim to get Kodiak Bear in cross hairs


Posted: Tuesday, November 06, 2001

By the time you read this I will already be on Kodiak Island in what will be the most serious hunt of my life. Hunting the Kodiak Brown bear is about as serious as you can get. For the past three days I have been going through my hunting gear making sure everything is in top shape. packing and sorting things out making sure I have all the necessary items without taking along things that we probably won't need.

hunting partner Steve Dambacher has called me from Beluga where he has been working the past two mornings. He is about as excited about this hunting trip as a teenager getting his driver's license. I think I am a little more reserved although I did have one dream about this hunt already. I dreamt it was time to go on this trip and I went to my gun case to get my 338 Winchester Magnum rifle and it was gone! I searched the whole place but it was not to be found. I then decide I would take my other 338 Winchester Magnum but it was also gone! I then opted for my 375 H&H but that too was gone as was my 458 Winchester Magnum! My dream then went to me hunting on Kodiak Island with my semi-automatic break down 22.

There I was watching this huge bear and finally after feeling he was close enough I started shooting and each time I could hear the small bullet hit. I shot him ten times before the bear wandered out of sight but before I learned what happened next my dream went back to me looking for my rifles. My wife called family friend Fritz Frizzell and he said I had left my rifles there. Now if you can make any sense out of that you maybe can get a job interpreting dreams. However if a crew shows up here in white jackets and a straight jacket I will know what you really thought!

We are flying to Kodiak Island on Tuesday morning, November 6th at 5am. Seahawk Air will fly us out to Karluk Lake later that morning. Steve and I each have Brown bear tags as well as deer tags. I also plan on bringing a fishing pole too in hopes of catching some steelhead in the Karluk River.

Going to Kodiak Island hunting has been a lifetime dream of mine and finally this dream is about to come true. I can only imagine how disappointed Steve will be if he

comes home skunked and everyone is gathered around my big bear and me. To help him deal with this possible ordeal I have froze up a rabbit hide so he will have something to hold for the picture taking. It might be a good thing that he can't read this story until we are back from hunting!

I hope to go out fishing as soon as we get back as I know of several people who have already been out ice fishing this year. For now I must go and I will be back from Kodiak Island as soon as I shoot a bear just a little bigger than Steve Dambacher. If you see a picture of me holding a rabbit hide....... just ignore it!

See you next week!

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