Rolls Royce teams with MRO in Kenai

Posted: Thursday, November 06, 2003

Rolls Royce, one of the most recognizable names in the gas turbine industry, has increased its presence on the Kenai Peninsula by partnering with MRO Sales Inc. of Kenai.

According to Rolls Royce Regional Sales Representative Jeff Daun, the new partnership will allow the company to work more easily with oil and gas companies in the area that use its products.

"Teaming with MRO gives us a front to have someone do sales and marketing for us here," Daun said last week at an open house to kick off the partnership.

Several area companies, including Marathon, ConocoPhillips and Unocal, use Rolls Royce products in their oil and gas operations.

Rolls Royce's 501-K gas turbines are used by oil and gas companies for power generation and mechanical drive applications and are used throughout the Cook Inlet region.

MRO, which operates an office in downtown Kenai, is a subsidiary of Petroleum Equipment Services Inc.

Daun said that having a company like MRO as a local representative will make it much easier for those companies that use Rolls Royce products to get answers to questions they may have regarding operations and maintenance of the machinery.

MRO Manager Al Hull said he's excited about the partnership, citing the fact that companies operating in Cook Inlet now have a local contact, rather than having to go Outside to consult with Rolls Royce representatives.

"We will be able to go to the right people and get the right answers," Hull said.

Daun stressed that Rolls Royce's turbines are among the longest-lasting products in the industry, and that some of its products have been in operation for as long as 30 years. But the company believes there is potential for growth in the area, and in order to do that, Rolls Royce needed to be where its existing products are.

"We think there's a lot of opportunity here for us," Daun said. "As we continue to grow and expand, we wanted to make sure we were recognized as having a presence here."

Hull said he believes MRO is the perfect company to help Rolls Royce do that, because MRO has local contacts and has good relationships with the oil and gas companies in the area.

"MRO has offices in Kenai and Anchorage," he said. "Whatever (the companies) need, we've got it covered."

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