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Posted: Tuesday, November 07, 2000

Snowmachines only viable option to travel to some parts of Alaska

As an avid snowshoer and cross-country skier as well as a snowmachine user, I take exception to the article written in the winter supplement. I have participated in all of the winter activities listed with the exception of ice climbing.

I do not feel the snowmachine section was a fair or accurate perception of the sport. (I find it hard to believe the snowmachine advertisers who supported the winter supplement were happy with it either.)

It is this type of attitude-ignorance that causes problems between all user groups. Some of the most scenic areas of our state are quite far from the traveled path. Because of sheer distances needed to travel as well as physical abilities for some people, choices other than snowmachines are not options.

I feel everyone should be able to enjoy the beauty of Alaska however they are able. In the political way of things right now, all the user groups of Alaska's backcountry need to find common ground to keep our areas open to all users, and articles like this stand to divide, not unite us all.

Sheila Best


Story shows writer unfamiliar with sport of snowmachining

This letter is in response to an article written in the "Let It Snow 2000" addition. The article was about all of the different winter activities that one can get involved with, and while I agree that it is necessary that we do get involved in winter activities, I do not agree with the way that the author, Mike Anderson, spoke about snowmachining. The whole paragraph was negative and not very helpful to our sport, which, by the way, is the sport of probably 50 percent of your readers.

Mike, if you cannot afford to join this great sport, please do not try to persuade other people that it is bad.

And about that "expensive" gasoline that they run on, do you have an electric car or do you walk to Alyeska? And last but not least, Mike, it is pretty apparent that you have not ridden a snowmachine, based on your assumption that they are not physically or mentally challenging.

I am inviting you along on a trip this winter to help change your mind. I'll supply the sled, but you have to buy your own fuel.

Scott Best


Kenai children left out in cold when it comes to Halloween

Holidays are special times for our children. Many forget how we grew up as children. I remember certain holidays stood out from all the rest. We have numerous state and federal holidays throughout the year. However, how many holidays really involve our children? Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. Halloween is not a state or federal holiday, however, Halloween is really the only day in the year that is scheduled for our children to have a little fun.

I noticed in the Clarion that most every bar in Kenai had some type of Halloween party scheduled for the grown-ups, and yet not one business or organization within the Kenai city limits had a scheduled Halloween party for the children.

Big Kmart had Halloween parties at its Kenai store for the children in the past, but has quit for reasons unknown. Fred Meyer in Soldotna was the only store that put on a Halloween party for the children. Thanks to Freddie.

I personally called the Peninsula Clarion and asked if they knew of any places in Kenai that were having Halloween parties for the children, and their response, after several minutes reviewing their paper and Internet site, was sorry, we cannot find any place which is having a Halloween party for the children tonight.

This is sorry. Our politicians, businesses and different organizations throughout the city of Kenai completely forget that the little people help support our community also.

I noticed on Halloween night that our kids were out in force tromping up and down the streets through ice and snow for their one night of fun, and yet most of the local bars were maxed out having their grown-up Halloween parties in their warm and toasty cocktail lounges.

Again, this is sorry. The city of Kenai must have buildings available for this one special day of the year for our children.

Let's not forget our children next year, or this Christmas. I'll help.

James Bounds


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