Skyview, Soldotna show school spirit

Safeway contest sparks joint effort

Posted: Wednesday, November 07, 2001

Putting aside their ususal rivalry, Skyview and Soldotna high schools joined forces last month to show their combined school spirit in a contest sponsored by Safeway.

Members of the Skyview choir and volleyball team and the SoHi cross-country ski team, decorated the Soldotna Safeway store inside and out with school emblems and signs. Stars and Panther paw prints were everywhere -- hanging from the ceiling and on the floor.

"It was fun working together," said Skyview choir director Mim McKay, who coordinated her school's efforts. "A lot of the kids went to junior high together and when they split schools they still have a lot of friends."

The contest was sponsored by several product vendors, said store manager Mick Galic. They include Lipton, Smuckers, Adams peanut butter, Del Monte fruits and vegetables, Bumble Bee tuna, Gold n' Soft margarine, Nalley's chili, Atta Boy dog food, Tree Top juice, Black Pearl olives, Powerade and Arrowhead water. Each company contributed $2,500 to the contest.



"The students had Panther paws on the floor leading to the items, and we had Soldotna Stars throughout the store. We had a ton of kids; at least 50 of them," Galic said. "The company gets involved once a year and asks schools to come in and decorate in a school spirit contest."

Skyview and SoHi are not competing against each other, rather they are working together to compete against other schools in Alaska, Washington, Idaho and Montana. The grand prize is $2,500, first is $1,500, second $1,000, 30 third-place prizes of $500 and 60 fourth-place prizes of $250. Ninety-three schools will split the $35,000.



Safeway conducted the event last year, but only Skyview participated, winning $500. Galic said some SoHi parents were unhappy that their school wasn't involved, so he made sure both schools participated this year.

The store submitted a photo album to the vendors last week for judging. He said the results should be known soon.

"The effort this year was even more than last year, so I'm confident the students will get a big prize," Galic said.

"It really was a fun project," McKay said. "If we win this year, we'll be happy to share."

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