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Posted: Thursday, November 07, 2002

Is it too much to ask to save more trees?

This past week, we have been driving through Soldotna along the Spur Highway and seeing the new construction across from the Salvation Army Thrift Store, with the resultant total destruction of all trees on the property. It makes us sad to see this happening. Why is it that some people in this state have such a personal vendetta against leaving even one or two trees around the border of a piece of property?

Speaking from the aesthetic point of view only, it improves the look of one's business to have some of the natural forest in and around one's place. From an environmental point of view, it makes sense, too, since trees (usually more than one or two) are such a great protection against dust, traffic noise, holding the soil and providing a place for wildlife of all kinds.

Isn't that one of the reasons people come to visit and to live here, to experience natural wilderness and wild animals?

One of the outstanding things around Kenai, Soldotna and Homer are the areas where trees and natural undergrowth are left in pockets here and there in the developed areas of town. It's a reminder of how beautiful the natural world is, it brings it in closer to us as we do our daily business of money-making or whatever we happen to do.

When you sit in the dentist's chair and look out into a grove of trees, you feel a sense of peace and can concentrate on something other than your plaque. The Christ Lutheran Church is a good example of how the trees and forest behind are left to provide the natural setting which is so beautiful as a backdrop for church services or concerts.

Right now, we are losing so many trees on the peninsula because of the beetle-kill, and it just seems like it would be wise to cherish the healthy ones!

We would like to request, could we please try to save a little more of our beautiful surroundings as we develop new areas for businesses and homes?

And many thanks to those businesses and homebuilders who are conscious of our surroundings and keeping the natural habitat around the new construction.

Tree-huggers and proud of it,

Maria and Tom Allison


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