Kudos to our election workers

Posted: Monday, November 08, 2010

Voting in the United States of America is a sacred right and privilege for every American, as they reach the age of 18.

I am very pleased with the large voter turnout this year! I would like to acknowledge a very important group of citizens that show up for every election, regardless of the turnout -- The election workers.

On the Kenai Peninsula, these individuals are the forgotten patriots keeping American democracy open and fair to all who would exercise their right to vote. Numbering approximately 150, these election workers spend essentially all day providing a legal and safe place for citizens to exercise their franchise as Americans. Compensated by little more than minimum wage, these individuals make sure every ballot is properly processed, to guarantee our right to a secret ballot.

Without these wonderful individuals, it would be impossible for the respective clerks and their staffs to supervise elections.

Thank you election workers for your time and commitment to this process.

David Carey; Mayor, Kenai Peninsula Borough

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