Revolution is at hand

Posted: Monday, November 08, 2010

Revolution is coming to the USA. The only question is whether it will be peaceful or a violent "American Revolution" (1776) or possibly a "French Revolution." (1789)

I have actively been involved in the four peaceful processes to change government. I have reached out to the 60 percent of non-voters. These individuals are not in the Militia.

The 60 percent fear of being placed on a list. They see what happens to others who speak out against the corruption in government (on both sides of the political spectrum). Their "Free Speech" is gone. They see what happens if they write letters or verbalize their thoughts and fears. They will be demonized, placed on government lists and examined by the FBI and Homeland Security. The 60% stay quiet. Peaceful change No. 1 is gone.

During my campaign I met many of the 60 percent. They were angry at me. They are angry at all "politicians." Their anger is based on promises made and never kept. They are tired of politicians who tickle their ears and never tell the truth or change a thing. They have given up on the peaceful political change. Peaceful change No. 2 is gone.

I believe we have a peaceful right to alter government by stopping their funding. I believed I would have a jury trial before the IRS started taking my payroll check. I was wrong. The 60 percent know and understand. They pay and prepare. Peaceful change No. 3 is gone.

Juries have been "instructed" that "jury nullification" is not acceptable. It was one of our non-codified rights spoken of in the 9th and 10th Amendments. I call it the poor man's Supreme Court. It was the bedrock of our judicial system at the start of the nation. This power of the people to peacefully change government by examining the law and judging it. This right has been stripped away from the people. Peaceful change No. 4 is gone.

The 60 percent prepare to express their outrage. Violence will be their reaction. We see this irrational self-destructive behavior with increasing frequency. It has been my effort to bring the 60 percent into the Militia. The founders, of the nation, understood the nature of man. They understood all governments eventually resort to complete despotism. The founders codified the existing right of gun ownership and the Militia. They understood as I do, peaceful change can occur if organized violence is a threat to corrupt government. That is what the Second Amendment is all about.

The 60 percent reject this historical truth. They reject the exposure within the historical Militia.

The 60 percent have spoken loudly in this election. We are heading towards a "French Revolution" Listen to their anonymous voices. We have not learned form history so we are doomed to repeat it, violent irrational behavior based on anger.

Ray Southwell, Nikiski

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