Posted: Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Well here I am again as John is still across the inlet working. Well, the days kinda got away from him and he ran out of time to do a story. So I thought maybe some of you would be interested in just what kind of "outdoor man, mountain man" he really is.

I remember several injuries that he has suffered, where most outdoor guys would have just given up on their chosen hobby to sit and nurse their wounds on the couch. Not John, no not John... One time, in Wisconsin, he had a broken big toe (or as our young son calls it - his thumb toe). Well he was not content to sit on the couch in the comfortable living room watching TV. The only place his toe was comfortable was in the cold creek water. What else is a person to do but fish while soaking his foot?! Then there was the time that I caught his foot in the barn auger (Yes, I said I caught it in there, but that is another story). After having many sutures placed, the doctor told him to stay off of it. Hmm. Well this was right before deer hunting season and surprise, surprise he came home one day with a torn suture. "Why" you ask, well of course he was chasing deer!!

Then of course there are the different things he brings home. I remember coming home to one of the most foul-smelling odors I have ever smelled. When I asked John what it was, he told me he was boiling dirty socks. Well it was beaver! Not too appetizing after smelling that way. He has brought home such delicacies as turtle and raccoon. Oh my, no wonder our dear North Dakota friend Eldon said John should have been born in the 1880's. I guess though, that the strangest thing my beloved has brought home for me were 2 teenage run-a-ways. One of them ended up staying with us for several months but that is a story for another time.

All in all, living with this mountain man has been quite the experience and yet the most wonderful of my entire life. Early next month it will be 20 years and I thank God for every day. Well that is it for me. John comes home Wednesday after being gone for 40 days and I for one can hardly wait. I will share him though so he can ... SEE YOU NEXT WEEK.

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