Economy on rebound, despite Bush's critics What others say

Posted: Monday, November 10, 2003

Leaving money in the hands of those who earned it, and want to increase it, may have been the smartest thing the U.S. government has done in many years, judging by this week's report on Gross Domestic Product.

One can only imagine the depth of despair among those who would rather spend that money. They are now reduced to hoping desperately that people are unable to get jobs, which might help them gain political power and regain control over your purse.

One columnist predicted earlier this week that the operative word from the left for the next few months would be "but."

Sure enough, the lead story in the Wall Street Journal Friday carried the headline, "Economy shows burst of growth, but jobs still lag."

As for President Bush, he needs to continue to show leadership, notably by reining in non-defense spending. That is the one chink in his re-election armor, although not one his tax-and-spend opponents can exploit. It could, however, cost Bush support among his conservative base.

Control spending, ratchet down marginal rates and allow America to prosper.

The Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville - Nov. 2

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