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Posted: Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Commentator Ann Coulter beautifully debunks and derides complaints about the Iraq war by sardonically referring to our "18-month rush to war."

She's right. It's difficult to believe that anyone in history anyone had more advance knowledge of an impending invasion than did Saddam Hussein.

We did not rush to war by any means. Fact is, we were altogether too patient with Saddam. He had a decade and more to come clean on his weapons programs and, not incidentally, to stop firing at U.S. jets patrolling the country's no-fly zone.

And, we might add, Saddam and his minions had those 18 months in the lead-up to the war to stash or destroy weapons of mass destruction. Why is anyone surprised stockpiles weren't found? The guy is crazy, but he's not stupid!

Similarly, coalition forces and the Iraqi government have been altogether too patient with terrorists (not insurgents) holed up and keeping Fallujah at gunpoint.

It was time to end it.

In worrying about offending delicate Muslim sensibilities, and foolishly hoping that any amount of negotiation would end the standoff, we have once again been entirely too patient. We have allowed the terrorists to hunker down, reload and set traps.

When are we going to learn?

For one thing, worrying about the feelings of radical Muslims was always a mistake. Consider: All it took for Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh to be slaughtered by radical Muslims was to make a movie about how Islam treats women. For this, he was cut down on a street in the Netherlands. A movie. You look cross-eyed at Islam, you die. Such are the sensibilities we're dealing with.

As is often the case in human affairs, conventional perception is 100 percent wrong: We've been entirely too slow to act.

Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle, Nov. 9

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