Saturday, November 10, 2007

Education must be priority
We must support Labor-HHS!

Responsibility starts at home
I was amazed that the Supreme Court called the Parental Consent Act unconstitutional, and proud of Gov. Sarah Palin for speaking out against that reversal. I will be the first to say that raising our children to be responsible starts at home, but we all know "good kids" get pregnant, too. But by reversing this Act, we encourage our children to be secretive and deceitful, during a time in their lives when family support is vital. I guess it's nothing big, they have Planned Parenthood to rely on.

Mayor makes lasting impression
I have a sister, Kim Cox, who lives in Kenai, and I have a 21-year-old son who is stationed in Iraq in the army.

Study doesn't take into account all information
A recently publicized study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University labeled seven Alaska high schools as "dropout factories."

Veterans appreciated
On this special day, Soldotna High School would like to send out a thank you to our many veterans and to the men and women who are currently serving in our Armed Forces.

Retired wildlife trooper puts it all down in a book
When Steve Knutson and Bob Beasley arrived at Russian Jack Springs Park, they found the cross-country skier face down with the cow moose standing over her. They quickly dispatched the moose with a shotgun, but they didn't count on her 600-pound calf.

Soldier with Soldotna ties killed in Iraq
A soldier with ties to Soldotna was killed Wednesday in Iraq.

Kenai OKs Recreation Center contract renewal
Despite two failed attempts to amend it, a contract to have Boys and Girls Clubs of the Kenai Peninsula continue managing the Kenai Recreation Center was approved Wednesday night.

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Hammer time
Chuck Hanley and Jacob Eller of Criterion General Inc. work Thursday on the roof of a new Alaska USA Federal Credit Union branch under construction in Kenai. A spokesperson for Alaska USA said they did not have a projected opening date yet.

Chamber struggles to survive
It's existence threatened by member apathy, the Nikiski Chamber of Commerce appeared to veer from a path heading to dissolution Thursday when community members said they'd be willing to run for board offices later this year, according to the chambers' vice president, Scott Hamann.

Get cyber savvy
You tell your kids not to talk to strangers on the streets or in the mall, but if you don't know LOL from RAM, how can you be sure they're not talking to strangers online? If you don't know how to check your computer's history or aren't sure if your computer comes with child-monitoring software, protecting your kids in cyberspace is almost impossible.

Rising gas prices got you down? Here's some ideas
You want our opinion? Gas prices stink, and we don't think you'll find too many people on the Kenai Peninsula who disagree.

Dashing through the snow
The winter weather doesn't mean pet owners need to be any less active with their canine companions, but there are a few special considerations to be aware of as the temperature cools and the snow starts to fall.

Making tracks: Marten rediscover the western Kenai Lowlands
The American marten, once a rarity on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, appears to have expanded its distribution across the western Kenai Peninsula over the past 20 years. An aerial survey of winter tracks using videography in March 2006 detected 32 sets of marten tracks widely distributed across the refuge from as far south as the Caribou Hills, as far north as Point Possession and the Chickaloon Flats, westward to the Swanson River drainage and eastward to the Mystery Hills.

Ceremonies planned for vets
Veterans in the central Kenai Peninsula will be featured in a doubleheader this weekend, rather than the customary sole celebration honoring them on Veterans Day.

Overseas holiday mailing to military
Officials at the Military Postal Service Agency in Washington have established dates by for sending mail from the United States to overseas military mailing addressees for the holidays.

The history of Veterans Day
Did you know that most Americans confuse Veterans Day with Memorial Day? Both holidays celebrate our veterans' service, but with one significant difference.

Gold Star Mothers pay tribute to fallen heroes
Often the question has been asked, "Who is a Gold Star Mother?" During the early days of World War I, a Blue Star was used to represent each person, man or woman in the military service of the United States.

Welcome to Homecoming II
Since the Revolutionary War, Americans have been willing to shed their blood in defense of our country, our values, our flag and our people.

Soldotna tops Kenai in hockey
The Soldotna hockey team received two goals and an assist from freshman Brad Duwe to defeat Kenai Central 3-0 in nonconference action on Thursday at the Soldotna Sports Center. The Stars are 1-0 overall while the Kardinals are 2-1.

Wolverines sweep Nikiski
Cordova has won the last two 3A state volleyball tournaments.

Quick dinner of champions
At precisely 6 p.m., Kenai's Joey Aho sat in his chair alongside the mat chowing down on a meal from Arby's.

Revenge on ice
Last year, the Wasilla hockey team was never able to catch up with Kenai Central.

Loss of hope or a chance to begin anew?
In his book "The Power of Encouragement," David Jeremiah tells the story of a man named Nathaniel and a day of his complete loss of hope.

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Browns, Steelers are Montagues, Capulets
Ask me at the beginning of the season if I thought the Cleveland Browns had a chance, better yet, a prayer, of making the playoffs, and my answer would have been simple.

Avalanche crossing
Usually, when two hockey teams face off seven straight times, spring is just around the corner and playoff facial hair is in full effect.

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