South Central Title Highjacked by Pirates of The Kenai

Posted: Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The mild weather our area has been enjoying contributed to what many are calling the best Halloween holiday the Peninsula has ever seen. From candy and costume sales, to hauntingly beautiful concerts performed by the Kenai Peninsula Orchestra in Kenai and Homer, to home and business decorations, this year's celebration went over the top. Among the local businesses, Joe Rogers and his staff at Southcentral Title, have been known for really getting into the costume spirit of the season to entertain their clients. With themes that have gone from the Roaring Twenties to the musical Grease, S.C. Title has always been a have-to-visit place for Halloween. But this year's Blue Pearl Pirate ship theme was over the top, even by their standards. "We go all out, and this year was exceptional. We spent so long putting it all up, we decided to leave it up for a few days so other folks could come by and enjoy it," said Keri Hiler, Escrow Officer with Southcentral Title Agency.

Indeed, every inch of the regular office space was transformed with regalia that impersonated a Disney pirate ship; with an entrance-way make over replete with shark infested waters, planks, and cannon barrels aimed at would-be trick or treaters. The journey to the galley through the ship's quarters featured rat-laden bunk beds, that were occupied with skeletons of former shipmates who got crossways with Captain Sparrow. But this scene didn't seem to diminish anyone's appetite for the delicacies such as halibut chowder that were offered to lunch time visitors to this Soldotna business.

According to Rogers, the annual event is highly anticipated by the entire SC Title staff, who anticipate choosing the theme each year. "We like to stay a cut above the rest, if you know what I mean?" growled the swashbuckling Capt. Joe Sparrow, alias Southcentral Title's boss Joe Rogers. Along with the delicious cuisine served aboard the Blue Pearl, Roger's lovely crew took photos for all visitors to remember their cruise about the pirate ship. At this time, there are no clues as to what the Southcentral Title Halloween theme might be for next year, but it'll be a long time before folks stop talking about Capt. Joe Sparrow and the high-jacking pirates of the Blue Pearl. "I could tell ye mate, but if'n I did I'd be havn' to cut ye from ear to ear, if you know what I mean? Now have another cup of that there rat tail soup," snarled the Captain.

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