Wildlife group plans continued bear baiting

Posted: Monday, November 11, 2002

JUNEAU (AP) -- A wildlife group has criticized the Alaska Board of Game for not putting an end to bear baiting in Southeast.

The board last week voted 3-3 to ban the intentional feeding of bears for hunting purposes. The tie vote meant bear baiting will continue.

Paul Joslin of the Alaska Wildlife Alliance said bear baiting does not allow for fair chase. He said the Game Board already recognizes unfair chase practices as unacceptable by its unwillingness to allow the same technique to be used in the killing of other wild game.

Joslin said his group is concerned that bear baiting takes animals away from their natural travel routes into less-adequate habitat or areas where they are more vulnerable.

He also said baiting may cause conflicts between bears because the bait, typically pastries, dog food, honey, syrup, bacon grease or animal parts, may cause them to congregate, leading to fights and death.

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