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Kenai sixth-graders share vision for city's future

Posted: Monday, November 11, 2002

Editor's note: The following essays were submitted to the "If I Were Mayor I Would..." essay contest conducted in October by the Alaska Conference of Mayors. The contest was open to students in the sixth grade. Jordan Jackson placed first in the contest, and Lacie Wortham was a finalist. Both are students in Susan Wells' sixth-grade class at Kenai Middle School.

Finalist Essay

If I were mayor, I would listen to people's ideas, and I would want them to listen to mine, too. I would respect the community and treat them the way I wanted to be treated. I would ask that people would not do bad things, such as drinking under age, polluting waters, littering, smoking, speeding, drinking and driving, and hunting over the limit. That would keep our city clean and healthy.

If I were mayor, more people might listen to my ideas and respect them. I would be a good mayor because I would help my community by making streets lighter, making more fun resorts, putting up amusement parks and a bigger skateboard park. This might make more people come to Alaska.

Many people argue about taxes being too high. There are not enough parks or fun places to go. Streets are too dark, the skateboard park is too small, and we need some more jumps and rails there. We need to build a huge mall for both boys and girls to shop in. I would like to see a family recreation park.

We should form an Alaskan football team, get together an Alaskan basketball team and build a huge hockey rink for those who play hockey and those who ice skate. I would put a stop to all that arguing and build what the community wants. All I want is a happy, safe community.

That is why I, Lacie Wortham, would like to become mayor of Kenai. I am honest, respectful, caring, eager, professional, creative and willing to help the community to my benefit.

First Place Essay

If I were mayor, I would look for companies that would be willing to relocate to the city of Kenai. This would provide more jobs in the community, increasing the city's revenue and tax base. As a mayor, I would work hard with community leaders and other city officials to entice these companies to move here. This would help residents enjoy a higher standard of living and allow more people to enjoy all that Kenai has to offer.


Jordan Jackson

I would work on developing the city center, making it attractive and encouraging the growth of small businesses. Hopefully people would get their needs met here instead of spending money in Anchorage or places outside of Alaska. I would try to develop some educational or job training opportunities so that young people could continue to live here.

I would strongly encourage economic diversification. I would make connections with other countries, particularly Pacific Rim, promoting trade and international relations. I would love to see more cultural diversity in our town.

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