Sidewalks in Kenai need to be cleared of ice, snow

Posted: Thursday, November 11, 2004

I was just driving through Kenai and wondered why the city doesn't make sure its public sidewalks are cleared. On the Kenai Spur Highway, there is no place for a person that has to walk to go except into the streets. Why is that? It's not safe. If a person is walking where the sidewalk should be, their feet are going to get really cold, due to the snow they are having to walk in. Does it cost the city that much money to make sure the sidewalks are clear?

If you go to any city building you can bet at any time it is clear so the people that work there don't get their feet covered in snow. What about the people they "work" for, the citizens of Kenai? They are left to trudge through the snow, or left to walk dangerously in the city streets to get anywhere. There's some food for thought.

I hope someone in the road maintenance sees this and does something about it, because it's just right and safe.

Nellie Parazoo


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